About us

Our goal is to enable musicians, producers and listeners to use new ways of enjoying and working with music. We are a small team of developers dedicated to creating audio technology to make the world sound better.

About our service

More and more applications move from the clients into the cloud. This encompasses both storage and processing applications. provides the means to integrate new, innovative and high quality audio processing into web applications, apps, desktop software and in-house solutions.

Each processing task available at is available as zplane technology and is already used in numerous professional software applications around the world. Clients include companies such as ableton, Steinberg, Native Instruments, Sony Creative Software, Presonus, Hercules, Korg, and many more. wraps these formidable music processing technologies into an easy-to-use web API.


The current beta stage with free and unlimited processing for everyone will probably last until the end of 2014. During this phase we don't guarantee anything and we offer only limited processing ressources, but the service will stay free of charge. After that, paid services will be introduced as an upgrade from the standard free account. Free accounts will still be eligible to free processing, however, they will be restricted to a certain volume and will be queued at a lower priority than the paid accounts.

New processing tasks will be added to our service all the time; we will start with adding a lot of audio filters and effects soon and we can't wait to hear your opinion about what audio technology should come next: classification, thumbnailing, feature extraction, wrapper tasks - anything is possible!

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